With the Workflow platform, workers coming to site can submit online travel requests, roster bookings and leave changes. These requests are then progressed through the online approval process and after final approval, the booking will seamlessly progress to SAM.

This workflow solution distributes the workload and provides automated, reliable, real-time management of site based requests.

Workflow will allow you to say ‘farewell’ to complicated paper-based approval chains for travel requests. Some of Workflow’s key features include:

  • Manage the flow of information across processes such as approval and tracking of forms

  • Visitor access and safety tracking

  • Ability to eradicate manual/paper forms

  • Easy tracking of requests

  • Mobilisation and demobilisation control

  • Online employee self service

  • Simplified workflow processes that are easy to manage

  • The confidence to know your workflow is controlled

  • Integration with third party ERP systems

  • Customise to your needs