The SAM workforce management solution

Introducing SAM

If you are looking for an intelligent tool that will help you run your FIFO logistics more efficiently, meet SAM. SAM is the only workforce management solution you’ll need to gain clarity and achieve the increased efficiencies your business needs.

SAM offers you many features, that include:

  • Manage Individual Profiles
  • Book Rosters
  • Assign and Optimise Rooms
  • Create Transport Bookings and Manifests
  • Manage Multiple Camps
  • SMS Employees
  • Automate and Schedule Reporting
  • Finance Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Implement Fatigue Management Guidelines
  • Forecast Catering Needs

How SAM Can Help

The SAM technology has been developed specifically to help all departments responsible for the management of remote workforces. Whether you are involved in the strategic decision making process or the day-to-day running of a camp, SAM is an impressive solution to help you reduce complexities, manage risks and maximise efficiency. Read on to see how SAM helps people in specific FIFO logistics roles.

Travel & Accommodation Coordinators

For Travel and Accommodation Coordinators, SAM integrates and simultaneously books the travel and accommodation needs for individuals arriving and departing onsite. Simultaneous booking removes the worry of booking flights and not being able to find onsite accommodation, or vice versa.

Accommodation Coordinators love the ability to automate shift patterns for individuals and ensure fatigue management guidelines are followed.

Travel Coordinators love SAM's SMS functionality that allows them to SMS multiple employees to update them about transport delays.

Campsite Administrators

Campsite Administrators love SAM because it saves them a great deal of time.

As well as automating tasks such as cleaning rosters, and forecasting catering needs, SAM has the ability to optimise rooms. The Room Optimiser allows you to utilise every bed, every night. SAM will run nightly reports and automatically reshuffle future motelling accommodation bookings to free up unused rooms for additional bookings.

Another great tool is the SMS functionality that makes it fast and easy to update employees about emergency procedures such as when and how to evacuate.

Campsite Administrators can run all their reports from SAM, including Manday reporting. Plus, our Scheduled Reporting Framework (SRF), allows admins to schedule reports to run on a specific dates and times and automatically send to a nominated email address.

Business Managers

SAM is also a fantastic tool to assist with strategic decision making. Business Managers can increase the visibility of remote mine site operations by running various reports to access useful business intelligence, and run a campsite more cost effectively with informed decisions about resources. SAM also enforces travel and accommodation business rules to ensure your workforce logistics are under control.

You can also partner with Vix to access our expert advice. Combine our product knowledge with your workforce data to help you make strategic decisions and run your campsite more efficiently.

Human Resources

SAM helps Human Resource teams to control the complexities of managing a mining workforce. In addition to storing an individual’s personal details, SAM allows you to run various reports to manage necessary workforce requirements such as drug and alcohol testing and induction training. SAM also increases the visibility of your employees and lets you run reports to illustrate aspects of your workforce such as diversity.

The Human Resources team can also make sure fatigue management guidelines are being implemented through SAM. Simply instruct your Camp Managers to enter specific rules into SAM about fatigue management and SAM will automatically adhere to these rules when creating individual travel and shift patterns.


SAM is a great tool to increase transparency and ensure due diligence with the financial management of remote campsites. SAM captures information about an employee including cost codes and department codes. This means the finance department can easily run reports about who worked where and how much money is owed to each contractor.

SAM can also assist with accommodation invoicing, as detailed line items can be produced for accommodation against employers.

IT Support

Vix offer 24-hour support and a dedicated helpdesk, ensuring that we’re always here when you need us. Use the 'Raise a Ticket' function within the Helpdesk to receive a prompt response from our support staff.

There are also a great wealth of self serve resources within our Helpdesk, like our how-to-videos, user guides and release notes.