White Paper - Room Optimisation

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Our client is one of Australia’s prominent Iron Ore miners with a workforce of around fourteen thousand people utilising multiple camps/villages with across the Pilbara, Western Australia. 

This client was using the SAM Optimiser with the Room Shuffling function to ensure they get evenly spread wear and tear across their village.  However, they found that due to the spread of bookings across their available rooms that their guests we having to room move whilst on site.  No one likes to have to change rooms during a stay (whether is for business or leisure) so to help resolve this we worked on a way to leave the guest in the one room for as long as possible.  We call this Resolving Split Bookings. 

What were the challenges for this client?

  • Guests were unhappy at having to move rooms during a stay
  • Hours of time were spent by the Travel & Accommodation team manually moving bookings to ensure one room per booking
  • Split Bookings result in increased room cleaning

We helped this client and others by further developing functionality within our Room Optimising process which resolves split bookings, giving efficiencies to the Travel & Accommodation team, less cleaning for the cleaning team and importantly a happier guest. 

Take a look at our White Paper to find out how Room Optimisation might help your business.