Expert Advice & Training

Expert Advice

Our team of experts offer best practice advice in support of the technologies and techniques we deliver. We combine our product knowledge and high value experience with your workforce data to help you optimise your strategic decision making and to ultimately run your site more efficiently.

We encourage you to put our advice to work to help solve a number of workforce management issues. Our approach has proven its value many times over as we have provided expert advice to clients to address issues including:

  • Suspension of rosters to allow employees to return home to their families for the Christmas period

  • Creating rosters that incorporate fatigue management principles

  • Creating emergency management procedures for unexpected events such as cyclones

  • Organising unscheduled large movements of staff

  • Optimising rooms on motelling campsites to increase accommodation availability

  • Change flight schedules

  • Change a significant number of rosters


Vix Resources is always here to support you, and every client team that are using our technologies and software to manage FIFO logistics. Our team of experienced experts are here to help your team increase their knowledge and skills in SAM and Workflow in a number of different ways.

Onsite Training

Our experts come to you, at your site, to deliver person-to-person coaching to your teams with the goal of solving immediate problems and assisting in the ongoing management of your challenges.

Online Training

Our online training programs gives your team the tools to help you log on and learn.

Online training includes:

  • How To Videos
  • General User Modules
  • Webinars


Our school-based training gives our clients the opportunity to learn in the tried and tested way - Group learning and face to face. We have schools in Perth and Townsville to help you to build your skills and enjoy learning with other SAM Champs.