Efficient & effective FIFO logistics

Our FIFO logistics solutions combine experts and experience with advanced technologies to deliver the best in progressive managed services. Our managed solutions include data and reporting, advice and training as well as options for custom solutions that will allow you to gain control, increase overview and transparency, achieve greater efficiencies and make cost savings.

The value of the managed solutions we deliver to your business is significant with increased efficiencies in resources and staff to achieve reduced costs and the opportunity to improve and refine as your challenges evolve.

As you find out more about Vix Resources, you’ll discover the benefits we deliver revolve around high quality data, transparency and overview, as well as the ability to discover cost savings and improve decision making.

More specifically, we define our key benefits as follows:


Business and management is increasingly defined by data, and this trend will only continue. Data can be valuable, but it can also be confusing, and the difference lies in the quality and ease of access. Vix Resources deliver high levels of visibility to give clients a clear overview and control over logistics processes and systems.


The reports our systems deliver will give you and your team easy and meaningful access to the crucial data you need to make the best decisions concerning processes, expenditure, potential cost savings, etc.


The clarity and visibility we create allows improved understanding of the most valuable information. This in turn creates opportunities to review, create savings and increase efficiencies.


Our technology solutions are our own, developed in-house and continually evolved to add features, make improvements and respond to the needs of our clients. We have the capability to develop custom functionality for your company that will meet the specific requirements of your operations.