Data & reporting

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Data is both the best and the worst thing about the age of digital. While it can be beneficial, ‘data overload’ is common and can lead to overwhelm and a complete lack of engagement with data.

We’re aware of these tendencies and work hard to deliver reporting and data on FIFO workforces that gives simple access, good overviews and the ability to find detail when you need to. With our solutions, we give you access and understanding, without overloading you with too much information.

When we give you easy access to reports and data, we facilitate better decision making that leads to operational improvements based on greater understanding, control, improved processes and increased efficiencies.

With FIFO management solutions from Vix Resources, customised reports can be developed and deployed in a short amount of time. Our technology gives you the ability to access the data you want to see, without being overloaded by the data that’s of lower value to you.

We’ll work with you to help you choose your own set of reports to be installed into your system and deliver bespoke reporting that meet your exact requirements.

Reports can be scheduled to generate automatically so they are delivered at the right time to the right people - including to your sub-contractors and facilities managers. They can also be run manually whenever they are required.

We understand the value of data and high quality reporting, and work hard to make sure that our solutions deliver the next level in custom reporting.