Combining FIFO logistics experts & software

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We have worked hard on a number of factors to make our company a worthy partner of organisations with complex FIFO logistics requirements and challenges.

The processes, technologies and outcomes we deliver are defined by two central elements - People and technology. Our delivery of best practice FIFO logistics solutions is defined by experts who bring exceptional understanding to the challenges that are unique to this sector. We combine our expert people with technologies that are as progressive as they are effective.

The people who drive Vix Resources are FIFO logistics specialists. Together, they work side by side to form a team that combines with technology to give our clients the ability to access data and reports, improve their decision making and introduce new efficiencies that often lead to impressive cost savings. These deliverables are just the beginning of the benefits we consistently provide.

We are not here to sell software, sign you up and say ‘see you later’. Quite the opposite in fact. Our delivery is based on the concept of managed services so that you get the advantages of our people and their experience, as well as our technology. In combination, our people and technology work together to form a managed service based on insights, ongoing support and learning.

In this way, our people work closely with our clients to help them get the most out of our technologies. We become a part of your team to deepen our understanding of the challenges that are specific to your business. We are here you implement the positive changes that so often lead to impressive cost savings.

If you are responsible for the complex challenges that come with the management of FIFO logistics, and want to find a better way, speak to us. We can help you with new solutions based on people and progressive technologies.