The benefits of FIFO logistics accessibility

From our focus on custom, and customised, technology solutions that help you find efficiencies and improve FIFO workforce management, comes the ability to access information and to manage that access.

We consider access from anywhere a minimum requirement to ensure that wherever you are located, you can receive the information you need. Your data will be accessible and available from head office to onsite.

While we deliver easy to access information about your FIFO workforce, we also understand the need for control so that the right people have access to the information they need.

As a cloud based solution, our Workforce Reporting app gives you access to a wealth of reports that place the information you need right at your fingertips. Each staff member can have their own individually customised view of reports and data. Using our custom menu-sets, you determine who gets access to what information.

In these ways we are able to make sure that not only do you have access to the high quality information to make the best decisions for your organisation, you have full control over access to reports and data.

Our team take data integrity and security just as seriously as you do, and our solutions deliver the best practices to keep your systems safe and functioning at an optimal level.